Porthleven Torchlight Procession

The annual Torchlight procession took place on Bank Holiday Monday. This custom used to take place at the end of Gala Week, but sort of faded when Gala Week came to an end. It was restarted almost single handily by a lady called Ann Minors. Its really down to her that it’s what it is today. She has a few other stalwart helpers, but the real leg work is done by her.

The procession lasts for a good 30-40minutes walking around various streets of Porthleven and finishes off, by walking around the Bickford Institute and along the Harbour. On completion of the walk a small, but very good firework display ends the whole event.

All the money that is raised is given to charity. As you can see from the picture this event is well support by the people of Porthleven and visitors.

Again, this event takes place down to one lady. Next time you see Ann Minors, it would be nice to say thank you, and well done. Every year she says this is her last one, but she still keeps going.

Well done and thank you Ann.

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