Porthleven residents to get extra support to help with recycling

I hope most people we know That Porthleven and many areas of Helston were selected to take part in the trial mixed plastic kerbside recycling collection scheme which collects plastic pots tubs and trays in addition to the collection of plastic bottles. In total around 46,000 properties are taking part in the trail in Cornwall.dot-and-lisa-photo

I have been sent a letter explaining Cornwall Council wants Porthleven to help more people to recycle. The letter is as follows:

In order to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the kerbside collection service, and to help them use the service properly, we are employing some temporary ‘recycling advisers’.

Our new recycling advisers are Dot Peryer and Lisa Spooner. They will be working in Porthleven on Monday 26 September. They will be visiting people in their homes to find out about their recycling habits, and explaining what they can and can’t recycle. They will also be offering extra recycling equipment for those that need it.

They will be carrying Cornwall Council ID and will be working with us for about a month, so should able to complete all door to door visits in Porthleven and move onto other towns.

If there is no one at home the advisors will put a “while you were out” card through the door giving basic information and asking residents to contact the team either by emailing the refuse and recycling inbox or calling the contact centre.

We chose Porthleven as we are doing recycling participation surveys in the area and also have accurate information about the amount of recycling that is being collected. This means that we will be able to measure the impact of this method of communication and, if it works, hopefully expand it in the future.

For more information about the Recycling Advisors contact Esther O’Bearagh on 01872 324948 or email eobearagh@cornwall.gov.uk

Let’s show Porthleven can be one of the best recycling areas in Cornwall!!

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  • Gilly Zella Martin

    As Cornwall Council are so cash strapped and the council tax for everyone increases each year, should they be paying out for extra employees just to explain the obvious to people about recycling? The kerbside recycling receptacles state on them what can be recycled, and as Porthleven/Helston took part in a trial, surely local residents should have been notified as to what they could or could not recycle otherwise the trial would have been a somewhat waste of time!
    I believe the recycling rate over Cornwall in general would be improved if more suitable receptacles were provided, smaller sized ones should be an option for those with limited storage space or households with less occupants. Better designed receptacles in general too, not as currently, ones that blow down the road when full and empty their contents, and blow away after they have been emptied, whilst residents are out all day.
    Cornwall Council also seem unable to keep up with emptying the static recycling banks in car-parks and additionally seem reluctant to address the trade abuse use of some of them!
    At the present time Cornwall has a very low recycling rate compared with many other counties that provide more practical receptacles.

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