Porthleven to be the First Think Before You Flush Town In the World?

I have been approached by the great environmental campaigners, Surfers Against Sewage to help in a campaign they are running. This campaign is called: ‘Think before you flush‘ and the aims of the campaign is to raise awareness and hopefully stop, various items like sanitary items, condoms, cotton-buds etc from being flushed down the toilet. As part of the campaign, SAS want Porthleven to become the first town to fully support it. A world first.

The item mentioned when flushed down the toilet not only harm the environment, but have in the past caused blockages which has resulted in raw sewage being pumped into the sea. Porthleven is very lucky because it not only has clean and beautiful beaches, but it is also has one of the best surfing breaks in the UK. It would be tragic if Porthleven’s great natural environment is harmed

The message on the SAS website is simple:

“Every day people are flushing objects such as cotton buds, sanitary products, condoms and razors down the toilet instead of putting them in the bin. Known in the business as sewage related debris or SRD, this can have a huge impact on the water environment. The only things that should be flushed are stuff that has passed through you and the toilet paper you use to wipe your arse!”

Personally, I am fully supporting this campaign and it is great to hear over 30 Porthleven businesses are supporting the campaign too.  I have said to SAS I would get this campaign onto Porthleven Town Council’s agenda in April. I feel pretty confident the town council will support this worthy cause.

So, Think before you flush!

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