Porthleven TC wants to hear your views on parking in Porthleven

Parking especially on-street parking is a problem in Porthleven. There is no one reason for the issues, but the causes include Porthleven wasn’t designed with the motorcar in mind, More car ownership, Porthleven is a popular destination for visitors and people’s bad and inconsiderate parking.

There is no magic bullet to solve all of the issues; and in some cases there will be no solution. However, Porthleven TC is holding a drop in session at the public hall on the 30th June between 10am and 5:30pm. This is so views can be given on where the problems are – yes many are well known – and ideas to solve those problems.

After the session, the Town Council will talk to Cornwall Council about which ideas are possible and can be taken forward.

Hopefully, as many of you will be able to come.


  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Well done to Porthleven Town Council in taking the time and effort for which to try and address the issues.

  • John Brittain-Jones

    The main problem are the people who park on pavments in likes of Unity Street if at any time a fire occurs in say Thomas Street or Peveral Terrace in the night a the fire engine or ambulance will stand very little chance of getting through. We need a traffice warden on a regular basis say random one a week. This will go some way to address the problem at the moment we may see a police man twice a year is not good enough

  • Moira Withington

    Just make the village car free .Not related met a elderly lady wanting to take her dog on the beach. She was unabled to take the steps down to the beach.

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