Porthleven Social Rental Houses Get Green Light

Back in the eons of time, I blogged about social houses, especially the ones in Porthleven. As many will know, £2.5 million has been spent building 26 desperately need social rental houses in Porthleven. They have had one or two set backs, the latest was when ROK went into administration.

I am now happy to say these properties will be available from Saturday 8th January 2011 via Cornwall Council’s Homechoice scheme. This will be the only way that you can apply for them. I have heard many rummours that people have been already assigned to these houses, but I can assure you no one has, as I have checked repeatedly with the Council’s Housing Officers. Sadly, there are not enough houses for everyone to be successful. I wish it was different, but at least we have these houses as other areas have not been so fortunate.

One comment

  • mrsmac

    what are the catches to getting one of these? no pets? no kids etc? have a friend who is dire need of a house and cos of being on benefits gets refused everywhere

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