Porthleven Social Housing – Update

As I thought, there was massive interest in acquiring one of the new social housing in Porthleven. The total number of bids for these 26 homes was in fact 528. That is a huge amount, and it goes to show that more of these types of homes are very much needed in Porthleven.

As these houses were so heavily subcribed there will be huge disappointment for those people and families that have not been successful. I can though confirm that all these houses will go to people who have ‘Local Connections’ which IS very important. That does not mean that every person has to be born and bred through many generations a Porthlevener, but will have to meet the strict rules that have been applied to these houses. Some might argue that they should be, but where would you draw the line, how many generations would you have to go back, and would both parents/grandparents have to be from Porthleven? Of course, if you did apply these rule it would fall foul of the law as illegal.

Lets now hope that more land and money can be found to build more houses of this type as it has been proven that there is a dire need of more social housing in areas like Porthleven. I believe we should concentrate our resources more on this type; more than those which are labelled ‘affordable’. As these types are in many cases not affordable in Cornwall due to the low wages paid and the banks reluctancy to lend on these types.

Just on a final point, I have heard many rummours that I have one of these houses. I state here and now that I have not. Even though I am on the Homechoice register, I did not apply for one. Hopefully that will end any rumour going around that I have got one.

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