Porthleven Skate Park a step closer to reality

The group behind delivering a new skate park in Porthleven have really risen to the challenge of fund-raising for this new facility. In the current climate, funding for large projects such as this is difficult, but this has not stopped the group.

Skate parks are not cheap, in fact from my experience of delivering play areas, no play facility is cheap. From group discussions and engagement events with young people the skate park working group has set a funding target of £120k for this new skate park facility. The type of park you get for £120k is in line with the picture below.

Possible look of the new Porthleven Skate Park

As you can see, if the funding target is reached, the children and young people of Porthleven will have a fantastic skate facility that will last for years.

To date the skate park group has raised a staggering £10k by holding events and auctions. This is a fantastic achievement by the group and those who helped support the events.

This means the total raised so far is around £35k. This is made up £20k of funding from Porthleven Town Council and £5k from 106 section monies. I have given a small grant of just under £500 from my community fund.

I have also been impressed by other organisation and individuals who has pledge and raised money by holding their own events. Well done indeed.

However, there is still much to do, and if you can help with either funding or ideas to raise funding please get in contact with the group. They have their own Facebook page which can be found HERE. Or drop me an email and I will pass on your details.



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  • Mick Gray

    Err! Your comment on here is in response to who? It is the last comment of who? that you will be posting. Is this the councils new idea of one sided consultation? It only says one comment. Sounds interesting anyhow.

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