Porthleven Road (B3304) set to be closed

Anyone travelling on the Porthleven Road will have noticed the traffic lights near Penrose Corner. These have been there for a while until the repair work starts. This repair work is now scheduled to start in January. The repair work will result in the road being closed for around 12 weeks due to the extensive nature of the repair work.

This will mean all traffic in and out of Porthleven will be along Methleigh Bottoms and Stop-gate. Added to the issue, there will be an increase in traffic up and down Fore Street. As Fore Street has limited-time parking, there is a potential for added congestion if this parking was allowed to continue during the repairs. Therefore, I am looking into suspending parking on Fore Street for the duration of the repairs. I believe this is unavoidable and I know people will be unhappy with this.

I will inform everyone as soon as I have a confirmed start date for repair work.


  • D

    Thats all well and good Andy and thanks for letting us know but for Gods Sake, do something about the people parking OUTSIDE the dam Post Office.!!!!!

  • Gary Shainberg


    I am not sure why you think this will increase the traffic in Fore Street, if anything it will reduce it because drivers who come from Helston and area who are going to Methlegh and areas on that side of the village will be forced to go the “stop gate” way and therefore not come the Penrose route and actually reducing traffic.

    This would also be the case for buses who would have to go through Wellington Rd to then leave via “stop gate” – perhaps you should look at stopping parking along there ?

    Whilst we hear what you are saying if you completely stop parking in Fore Street you will have a MAJOR impact on business, this time of the year with the potential for bad weather people will think twice about shopping in the village and go elsewhere.

    If this goes ahead, please can you let us and the other traders know where we send the business compensation claims.

    If you do go down this route a more practical and enforceable solution would be to find a way to enforce/police no parking outside at the new (and totally abused) loading bays in front of the deli and chip shop as well as outside the Chemist and Post Office.

    As we live and work in Fore Street we see every day the issues with traffic and when these area’s are free there is NO congestion in either direction and traffic flow works perfectly even for buses and lorries.

    Please DO NOT take a “knee jerk reaction” to this and consider more than making sure traffic works.

  • Ken

    I don’t drive but I travel on the Penzance bus through Porthleven and yes you really need to stop that big red van with royal mail on it, parking outside your “damn” post office, it blocks the road and delays the bus.

  • Sally

    Perhaps you could make parking in the car park free during this period?

  • Ken

    Can’t anyone walk anywhere in Porthleven.

  • Gemma Simmons

    Cool cool nice to see someone has sense. Maybe worth looking at the trees up by school ad thats the double decker diversion route when that road is shut.

  • Graham Williams

    While I agree with you on the principle I can also agree with Mr Shainberg regarding the businesses, which are struggling enough as it is, let alone have 12 weeks of extra pressure put upon them. However, Porthleven, as a whole, has a high level of elderly people who can only get to the shops via car and rely upon the parking in Fore Street so they can go about their duties etc. Will the disabled/blue badge owners be allowed to park as usual? Or will they be subjected to the same proposal? These points MUST be taken into concideration before stopping ALL parking in Fore Street.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Graham and Gary,

    As you can see, I said I was looking into it. I am looking into all option as the road closure will have an impact on traffic in Porthleven.

  • Jon M Le Couteur Bisson

    Although I agree in part with some concerns already raised, I also agree that there will definately be more traffic flowing through the village as one of the main exits will be blocked for 3 months. A greater flow of of traffic through Fore Street would be beneficial, if people who currently park there adhere to the parking restriction already in place, i.e. it’s only 30 mins waiting time, not all day as some residents seem to think so.
    If it’s restricted to Blue Badge holders and deliveries, then public transport shouldn’t have much of a problem.
    As with Post Office, I believe a set of railings outside the Post Office and the Moonflower would deter people from obstructing the junction and blind corner.
    Or, we could just ignore what good people are trying to do, and just moan about parking until the cows come home.

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