Porthleven Road and Stopgate set to be a 40 mph zone

40mphI have received good news from Cornwall Council’s highway engineers on my proposals for the reduction of speed limits on roads leading into Porthleven. I am very pleased to say the proposals to reduce the speed limits from 60 mph to 40 mph have been officially approved.

The two roads that will see this change is the Porthleven Road and the road leading to (and from) Stopgate. This work is set to be completed by March, which further good news. A further change is extending the 30 mph zone on Beacon Road.


  • anonymouse

    Another waste of money – there are rarely any pedestrians on either road and if the footpath to Penrose goes ahead there will be less.

    My guess is it will just be ignored by the majority of drivers anyway.

    Where are the statistics (accidents/deaths etc.) that show that this stretch of road is any more dangerous than any other – go on your good with statistics when it suits you.

  • Andrew Wallis

    I do love it when you comment, but not put your name. It is easy to critise or past comment this way. At least I put my name to something.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Anon, There are many pedestrians and cyclists who use both these roads on top of HGV, buses, motorcyclists and cars.

    As for deaths, two on the Porthleven Rd, plus 15 other accidents, which five were serious accidents The Stopgate road has also has two deaths, plus 10 other accidents.

    So I think there is real justification in reducing the speed limit on these roads. I can even go into detail on the types of accidents, the number of cars involved, dates, times and people injured.

  • anonymouse

    Thought you posted all comments, my last sat here for a while saying waiting for moderation.

    Go on please go in to detail – and compare to other roads as requested.

    And please moderate all of my posts positively – especially as the last one was just a polite prompt for you to answer the question.

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