Porthleven rallies to clear up the harbour

Sunday saw a couple of hundred people gather and help remove the tons of tangled fishing nets, rope, a sunken punt and other debris from the inner-harbour. I was amazed how many people – including many children – turn up and help.

In a few hours the mess left by the recent storms had been removed from the inner-harbour and carried off for disposal. Some of the debris was so heavy, it took several men to drag it up out of the harbour. In some cases, a dumper truck was used to drag the debris away due its weight.



The community spirit did not just end there. As Porthleven Gig Club provided hot drinks, biscuits and cake to the helpers. Then at the end of the clean up, the owner of the bar ‘Out of the Blue’ provided a keg of ale. If that was not enough, one of the local residents’ Amanda (nee Strike) had managed to get hundreds of rashers of bacon (I believe Tulip) and supply bacon sarnies to everyone too.

Talk about a great community spirit. It certainly makes you proud to live in Porthleven.



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