Porthleven Play Park Gets New Fencing

Near three years ago when I was a Kerrier District Councillor, Porthleven Town Council supported me in updating the play park on The Moors.  The cost of the project for the new park came to just under £45,000. The town council agreed to fund £10,000, with the  rest of the money came from Section 106 contributions.

The only part of the park which was not upgraded was the fencing; as it was agreed the existing fence would be fine for a few more years. After all the town council doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money. Now, due to the poor state of that fencing the town council decided to replace it after discussing various options at one of its monthly meetings.

You might think replacing a fence would be simple and finding someone to do it would be no problem. However, this was not the case because a few companies after quoting, then increased their quote, or they turned down the work.   In the end, the original suppliers of the park did the work, which for anyone who has seen the fence would see what a great job they have carried-out.

Speaking to the town clerk this morning she has had many positive comments to this new fencing. It is great to see a town council making a difference to the lives of people in the town.

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