Porthleven – Parking Enforcement

At last nights Porthleven Town Council meeting the Councillors read a report written by me about hiring extra enforcement for parking in Porthleven. This report outlined some basic plans with costs and drawbacks. Those Councillors present felt that this could be possible, but they felt that they needed more details before they make their decision.

I believe that the Council is going down the right course of action in accepting in principle that it could work, but before they do commit they want further details and clarification on many points. It’s a credit to the Town Council that they want to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed before they make this decision. They are going to send me a list of points that they need answers too before they agree (or not) to this proposal. If they do in agree in principle, then they plan to consult the public for their views before making the final decision.

It’s good to see a small but local Council being proactive in trying to solve a difficult issue. Many times I have heard what the point of a local Council because they have no power, but I say to those who criticise that these volunteers do try to do the best they can with the resources and powers they have. 


  • Anonymous

    The more i think about this the more I feel it is wrong.

    While the intention might be to stop people abusing double yellows, enforcement will go well beyond that. Having lived up country I know how irritating it can be to park for 35 minutes in a 30 minute zone and come back to a ticket, or parking with one wheel over a white parking bay line. If we could guarantee a light touch then this would be great but despite any reassurances given the wardens will have targets and they will work to strict guidelines to make sure that they meet them.

    I also wonder what damage it will do to the shops that really need the trade. Yes they shouldn't park outside the post office but my guess is that if they cant park local to it then they will go and shop somewhere else.

    This sort of thing will turn Porthleven into a souless modern village and it will start to lose a lot of its charm.

    The illegal parking in Porthleven is more of an irritation, it is the legal inconsiderate parking that is the problem and by definition a warden cant do anything about that.

    The money would be much better spent on something else.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    CEO's do not have targets. I can assure you of that.

  • mrs mac

    re anon – what constitutes a "light touch?" to you it may be one thing, to another, something else.

    to me the parking outside the post office isnt an irration, its down right dangerous. but to others its ok.

    there arent that many shops on fore street, so i dont think trade would suffer that much if at all.

    what is the point of having parking restrictions and rules if they arent obeyed? what next – anarchy?

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