Porthleven new skate park at week four of the build

On Tuesday I met Maverick the company who are building Porthleven’s new £125k skate park to go through a few contractual checkpoints as part of the build. The building of the skate park is estimated to take ten weeks. The good news is we are already at the four-week mark and the park is really starting to take shape.

It is hard to image what something is like via a picture or diagram, but let me tell you, having been close up to the park, it is going to be one, if not the best skate park in Cornwall.

From today and for the next few weeks, the concrete will start to be laid.

img_0962img_0956 img_0958 img_0964img_0950img_0951

img_0955 img_0960img_0966 img_0967



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