Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire – have your say, not moan about it later

The team working on the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan have released a second questionnaire asking residents a series of question that includes housing numbers, landscape assessments and renewable energy ideas.

The information collected in the questionnaires will feed into the overall Neighbourhood Plan for Porthleven.

This questionnaire follows on from the previous one where 662 people responded. A summary of this previous questionnaire showed that:

  • The environment in and around Porthleven is important to people;
  • Porthleven needs additional facilities for young people;
  • Community is important to the people of Porthleven;
  • Portheven needs more affordable housing.

Below is a map of land around Porthleven which has been assessed as the most and least suitable for any potential development.

The questionnaire can be completed in two  ways; online, and the pen and paper approach. Every household in Porthleven will have a questionnaire  delivered through their door. There will also be hard copies of the questionnaire available

Each person in the household can and really should complete a questionnaire. After all, we want everyone’s view, no matter how old or young you are.

The deadline for returning the questionnaire is the 22nd July 2016.

The online version can be found HERE.

As I said in the title, I urge you to complete the questionnaire. If we do not have a robust and evidenced based plan, Porthleven is at the mercy of the planning system, Government whims on housing numbers, and give greater protection to areas which we want to see no development on.

By having a Neighbourhood Plan, Porthleven can influence where planning takes place and in what numbers.

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