Porthleven is to receive a Royal visit

Porthleven has been chosen to receive a visit from two members of the Royal Family on 27th May. The visit will be made by HRH Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The Duke also known at Prince Richard is 23rd to the throne, and is the Queens cousin and the grandson of King George V. More details on the Duke is HERE


The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester who will be visiting Porthleven

The aim of the visit is for the Duke and Duchess to see the damage Porthleven suffered during the recent storms and to meet people who were affect, and helped during the storms.

The visit is being organised by The Lord Lt Office in partnership with Porthleven Town Council and me as the Cornwall Councillor.

This is very good news for Porthleven. More details will be released, soon as the Palace has now given permission to publicise this event.


  • anonymous

    I don’t understand why it’s good news for Porthleven? Not everyone is a monarchist and appreciates their taxes being spent on such people. 23rd in line to the throne, honestly?
    I’m sorry Andrew but I can’t agree that this is a good use of the council’s time / money. If you want to increase Porthleven’s profile, can’t you invite someone who has actually achieved something on their own merits rather than by birth?

  • hatchelt

    Agree with anonymous…who are these people, I mean really!

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