Danger at Porthleven Cliffs

Several months ago there was a massive cliff fall along Porthleven beach. This event took place at night, so there was limited danger to the public. With such a large part of the cliff coming away, this has weakened other parts of the cliff face.

It is impossible to predict when another part of the cliffs will collapse, but as a layman looking at it, I would guess it is more likely to come away sooner rather than later. The landowner of the ground above (Donkey Field) has erected additional signs at the field, and below on the cliff face to warn people of the danger.

I have also informed the National Trust and Cornwall Council of this danger and they are actively monitoring this area. The Police Inspector of the area has also been informed.

The simple message is please don’t stand near a cliff face, especially when ‘Danger’ is written all over it!



  • Gill Martin

    I wonder how stable the cliff is under ‘Song of the sea’.

  • anonymous

    Why would you write that? Song of the Sea is a wonderful new house and a brilliant addition to Porthleven. Why write such a mean, jealous comment about the property?

  • Paul Allen

    Ref: Porthleven Coastal Erosion

    Dear Cllr Wallis

    As you are aware we had a rock fall from our field earlier this year and were involved with discussions (between Blue Buoy and Tye Rock). There looks like another large piece is fracturing and getting unstable and will in course give way. Falling onto the beach. When?

    As your blog has a large following, I please ask you to help us remind beach users who read this, to avoid the underneath cliff areas. We are in the process of increasing sign-age and should make it obvious of the main danger area.

    Thank you for your help again
    Yours sincerely

    Paul Allen
    W. Oliver Allen & Sons

  • Gill Martin

    Anonymous, my comment was in no way meant in a mean way, and I am certainly not jealous, I do not suffer from jealousy as it is a destructive quality. I am afraid you have taken my comment out of context, which is my fault, probably because I did not write a full explanation of what I meant. Walking along the beach at the bottom, towards the clock tower, I was refering to the cliffs in general that side of the steps. I named it as a landmark, unfortunately that was the only house name I could remember. I was not implying directly under the property. I suppose what I should have said, was, I wonder how stable the cliff is all along that side of the steps, because I thought the previous rock fall was the opposite side of the steps. I apologize if I caused you offence.

  • Fran

    Anon, with coastal erosion at the current rate, it is debatable as to whether anything should have been built near to a cliff top edge anymore than building near a flood plain. Cliff grabbing, in my opinion. You say ‘Song Of The Sea’ is a brilliant addition to Porthleven, that is a matter of opinion. You state another contributer to this site is mean and jealous, do you not consider it ‘mean’ for the property to have been built at least partially blocking the views of other properties behind it that had been there for years. Ok, so no one is technically entitled to a view, but then no one is entitled to have others agree with the building either. One thing is for certain, Porthleven certainly does not need anymore second homes or holiday lets, it has it’s fair share, so i hope it does not end up in that category if it isn’t already one. Before you accuse me of jealousy, i already live in a nice property with sea views that has been there for years and is not on the edge of a cliff spoiling others views, i also live in it full time. You cannot get away from the fact that Porthleven cliffs are unstable in parts and this will give rise to debate by other people as to whether other places along there will eventually go the same way, so to criticise another contributer with personal remarks for their opinion while you remain anonymous is cowardly in the least.

  • Sallie Sallie mogford

    I have just stayed in Song of Srs and it is a stunning house with spectacular views. long may it remain.

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