Porthleven CIC Withy FIeld car park is officially opened by the Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

The Directors of Porthleven CIC are delighted to have completed their third project with the official opening of Withy Field car park, Mill Lane, Porthleven.

The car park was officially opening by the Deputy Mayor of Porthleven, Cllr Barbara Powell, with representatives from Porthleven CIC, Coodes Estate, Porthleven Town Council, Porthleven Football Club, Mitchells Builders and Harbour and Dock Company.

Directors of Porthleven CIC, Deputy Mayor of Porthleven and partners in the project celebrate the opening of the new car park

Directors of Porthleven CIC, Deputy Mayor of Porthleven and partners in the project celebrate the opening of the new car park

Porthleven CIC was awarded £99,750 from the Coastal Community Fund in 2013 to deliver five projects. These are: the community marquee hire business, up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute, Porthleven Town Trail, website and car park. The three projects which have been completed are marquee hire business, up-lighting and car park. The remaining two projects will be completed within the next six months.

This 72 space car park has been achieved through a partnership between Coodes Estate, Porthleven Town Council and Porthleven Football Club. All the profits from the car park and the community marquee hire business will be used to help fund further community projects, therefore giving Porthleven a sustainable form of funding.

The name of the car park was chosen as it is located on one of the areas previous used for growing willow from which the withy material was taken for making crab and lobster pots – a fitting tribute to this traditional craft.

Early construction of the site

Early construction of the site

Work well underway

Work well underway

Porthleven is a popular visitor destination, but suffered with a lack of suitable parking. This new car park, within five minutes of flat and safe walking from the town centre will help address the parking, and allow visitors to experience the charm and character of Porthleven.

The directors would like to thank Mitchell’s Builders of Porthleven for the excellent construction of the site; Chris Strike of RA Design who gave much of his time for free in the planning stage and Simon Stone from Out of the Blue.

The finished car park

The finished car park


The directors have agreed that the car park will be free for the next week for Gig Day and Porthleven Lifeboat Day in celebration of the opening. From next week a charging structure will be introduced with the tariff set at £1.40 for up to two-hours and £3.50 for 24 hours. Furthermore, there is parking for motor-cycles and long vehicles.



  • Gill Zella Martin

    Excellent news, I like the name and I think the pricing structure is perfect.
    Well done to Porthleven CIC and all those involved. It will serve present and future generations of locals and visitors alike.

  • Porthlevener

    Well done, it is good to see a project come into fruition. However, without implementation of any form of parking control/enforcement in and around the village unfortunately I doubt this will persuade car owners to pay for their parking. This year there has been a significant increase in visitors parking away from the harbour in residential areas and walking further than the distance of The Withy to the harbour etc.
    Perhaps an idea would be to use the income from the car park to pay for parking control?

  • Dick Powell

    Excellent progress on all counts. Delighted this has been achieved.

  • Isabell Austin

    I am delighted that we have another car park. Congratulations on this achievement. However, I would have been even happier had there been a “one hour” charge. For “locals” who, perhaps, have to pop down to the chemist to pick up a prescription or collect their pensions at the Post Office, having to pay for two hours’ parking seems excessive.

  • JMP

    Well done to all that made this happen. Of course you can’t stop people parking in residential areas where they are no legal restrictions but if Kittos is full now people will surely use the Withy.

  • Kernow13

    Great new car park and £1.40 for two-hours is not too bad for the tourists. However the Porthleven company have given the contract for managing it to a “private parking company”. They record your registration when entering and exiting and if you don’t put your registration in carefully will send you a threatening demand for money up to five weeks later.

    Its a great shame that as a community such Dick Turpin outfit has been used to demand money with menace. For piece of mind – avoid this care park – there are plenty of road parking at the same distance.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    For peace of mind I use the ‘phone and pay’ App, once someone has registered their registration number and payment card number, it is then quick and easy at all future times to pay for parking at any car-park and it eliminates the possibility of accidentally typing in the wrong car registration number on a car park payment machine. I personally would not park in a residential area risking inconveniencing those that live there when car parking spaces are available.

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