Porthleven CIC welcomes a Government Minister

Porthleven CIC welcomed Penny Mordaunt, Government Minister with the brief for coastal communities. The reason for the visit was to meet the people behind the successful Coastal Community Fund bid in which the CIC was awarded just under £100k for a series of projects.

Two of the main projects are a marquee hire business with 100% of the profits going back into community based projects. The other was the formation of a new car park which Porthleven desperately needs. The other projects include helping to up-light the Institute, a town trail and a website. IMG_3792-0.JPG
During the visit in which the Minister was accompanied by the MP for the area, Andrew George the directors of the CIC took Penny and Andrew to the location of the new car park. This new car park will be able to host 72 vehicles. This new partnership will be between Coodes Estates and the CIC. The football club has also kindly agreed to the use of some of its land. Again, the profits from the CIC’s part (50 / 50 shared) will be used for community based projects.

I and the directors were really pleased with the visit and the Minister commented how impressed she was with the project ideas. She was also impressed with the beauty of Porthleven. Though she didn’t have time for an ice-cream, but we did promise her one the next time she visited.

The CIC is a great team to work with. The team consists of Dave Turnbull, Damelza Storbeck, Mark Berryman, Louise Winterton and me. Credit should also be paid to Charlotte Chadwick a former director.



  • Gary Shainberg


    Could some of the CIC money be used for providing a community run, village wide WiFi network for visitors and the village – WiFi for the Village, by the Village and make us the first village in Cornwall, if not the UK to offer such a facility.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Yes, the income from the programmes could be used this way. However, the initial grant cannot, as it is for specific projects as part of the bid.

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