Porthleven CIC Response to the £99,570 Grant Funding

Here is the press statement released by the Directors of Porthleven Regeneration CIC:

The Board of Directors of the Porthleven Regeneration CIC has very much welcomed the announcement by the Secretary of State for DCLG, Mr Pickles MP that Porthleven’s bid to the Coastal Communities Fund for £99,570 has been approved.

This money will enable the CIC to create employment opportunities in Porthleven and in so doing support a number of young people to gain work and run a community marquee hire enterprise for both community and commercial use, help fund the up-lighting of the Bickford-Smith Institute, create a town trail and vibrant website and provide much needed new car parking facilities. This will support the local economy and boost footfall in the town which will have a positive effect on the local businesses.

The team behind the project, which comprises Andrew Wallis, Cornwall Councillor for Porthleven, Charlotte Chadwick, Community Network Manager for Helston and the Lizard/ Falmouth & Penryn, Mark Berryman, Mayor and Porthleven Town Councillor, David Turnbull and Damelza Storbeck have worked on the bid for the last 12 months before submitting the final version in August 2012. The bid was then selected from an initial selection of over 1000 down to 54. Out of those 54, Porthleven CIC was one of only twenty bids nationally to secure funding.

Andrew Wallis, the project lead said: “This is a real game changer for Porthleven. The ability to have a community marquee which will also be used commercially will help facilitate many more events and bring new money and jobs into Porthleven. All the profits raised by the marquee hire enterprise will be reinvested in the CIC and will further help Porthleven develop. Porthleven will also benefit from extra car parking.”

Charlotte Chadwick, local Community Network Manager said: “It is very exciting that Porthleven will benefit from this valuable funding. I believe that the range of projects to be delivered will make a real difference to the local community and enable young people to access new employment skills, experience and opportunities at the same time, helping the businesses by boosting the number of visitors to the area.”

Mark Berryman: “This is excellent news for Porthleven, a programme that will benefit our residents and visitors alike. The town council is looking forward to working alongside the CIC.”

Damelza Storbeck: “Delighted to be part of a positive working partnership between the businesses, town council and private landowner and to be able to offer young people a real enterprise to engage in. Furthermore, this exciting opportunity will build on previous community collaboration and create real jobs for young people and resources that the entire town will benefit from.”

David Turnbull: “Considering the country-wide competition for this funding, it is fantastic news for Porthleven. We now have the funds to invest in facilities for the town as well as establishing local job opportunities for young people, all of which will have a big impact across the whole community.”

For me, it has been a real pleasure in working with the members of the CIC who put together this bid after the disappointment of not being selected for funding from Cornwall Council’s Seaside Town Program. We knew we had the makings of a winning bid from that, and that rejection drove us on.

The CIC was told of the of the bids successfulness when I received a call from the Coastal Community Team a few weeks ago. However, I was not able to tell anyone outside of the board until the official announcement was made by the Government. It was the longest few weeks I can remember because the money will really make a difference to people of Porthleven.

Those behind the bid, Mark Berryman, Charlotte Chadwick, Damelza Storbeck and David Turnbull should be congratulated for giving so much of their time and energy in making the bid successful. Thank you and well done.



  • Chris Smith

    Congrats to all involved. Shows what a great vehicle CICs are for community good. Here in Falmouth we have a FALCARE CIC set up in conjunction with MENCAP and Rotary providing care and support for people with learning difficulties, we formed one to deliver the Falmouth and Penryn Community Plan, a ground up robustly democratic exercise involving 1,100 local people costing one tenth of the previous top down out of County Consultants survey and are just setting off with a CIC for the Prince of Wales Pier to make it one of the best seaside attarctions in the South West by the time we’ve finished!

  • Andrew Wallis

    Thank you Chris. CICs can work and attract funding that is not open to local authorities.

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