Porthleven CIC Marquee Questionnaire

In 2013 Porthleven CIC was successful in obtaining grant funding for a number of new community assets including the up-lighting of the Bickford Smith Institute, a town trail, a community marquee and funds to develop more car parking. The funds and their method of draw down have been confirmed and we are now able to progress these projects.

One of the first projects is to source a community marquee.

Although it was initially envisaged that one large marquee would be preferable, there have been a number of requests for different structures which may be more widely suitable for Porthleven, its traders and community groups. This document is aimed at collecting these views and identifying the most suitable items to source.

It may be that a variety of gazebos, small marquees etc. will be the best and most useful overall solution and, subject to having well documented consultation with the potential user groups, the available funds (approx. £36,000) could be spent on a range of items.

It is envisaged that the equipment purchased would then be hired at a relatively small community charge (to cover costs of handling, putting up etc. and maintenance – Porthleven CIC is a not for profit community interest company) significantly lowering the cost of events etc. and thereby encouraging more community and business activity in Porthleven. The marquees will also be available for commercial hire too. The revenue from the marquee hire, will be used for community based projects.

The following pages and pictures identify possible marquee and gazebos types which could be purchased, and we would like community groups and businesses to review these options and let us know which types of structure would be preferred.

The plan is to purchase one of the classic marquees for larger events, plus a series of the other smaller marquee / gazebos to give the CIC a greater flexibility for hiring. I have added a poll after the pictures in which you can vote for two options.

The options are:





The Poll

[poll id=”6″]

You can also email me your preferences. There will also be a paper-copy delivered to businesses and community groups in the next week or so. If you want this questionnaire electronically, drop me a message / email / tweet

One comment

  • Julia Schofield

    Any choice of marquee/gazebo/pagoda for Porthleven should be hurricane proof. Lifeboat Day August 2014 saw several sturdy gazebo’s buckled and trashed within less than an hour of being put up. Wind speed average was 35mph. Anything which is to be left up overnight around the harbour area, even in the height of summer, needs to be of hurricane proof strength, otherwise you severely limit their usefulness. Good luck with scheme, Andy.

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