Porthleven CIC completes its first project

Porthleven Community Interest Company was one of 20 projects nationally to be awarded funding from the Government’s Coastal Community Fund. The total amount awarded to the CIC was just short of £100,000. The funding was to be used for a series of projects which included: up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute, a new car park, a town trail, website and marquees for both community and commercial use.

The money raised from the car park and marquee revenue will be then used for further community projects. This means Porthleven will have a sustainable income for community projects. It is also hoped in the long term the CIC will be able to help young people from Porthleven with start-up grants.

A further aim of the CIC projects will help to create jobs in Porthleven both directly and indirectly. Porthleven has a great reputation for food, the natural environment, and culture. This draws visitors locally, nationally and internationally. They are drawn to the uniqueness of Porthleven, its harbour and its beautiful surroundings.

The CIC has five directors: David Turnbull, Louise Winterton, Mark Berryman, Damelza Storbeck and me.

The CIC has now completed one of its planned projects. This is up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute. This iconic building is hidden in the dark and this is a shame. However, this building can be seen in all its glory at night with the CIC funding the up-lighting.

This project was completed in partnership with the Porthleven Light Committee. the Chairman of the Lights Committee said “It has been a long term aim of the lights committee to see the most iconic building in Porthleven up-lighted. It has been a pleasure to work with the CIC to achieve this aim.” I concur with Roger’s words and I am very glad to see this iconic building up-lighted.

As for the other projects, the plan for the car park is to have it open in the first two weeks of April and the marquees will ordered before the end of the year and ready for use early 2015. The other projects will be completed by summer 2015.


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