Porthleven Cemetery and its current condition

There is a lot of concern and heartache over the state of Porthleven Cemetery, especially around the issue of it being overgrown and the gravesides looking unkept. I share those concerns as this is not good enough.

In response to those concerns, I have written to the Head of Service to highlight how people feel. Yes, many people who are buried there as long dead, but families who are still in the area (or further afield) expect a certain level of dignity for their departed relatives. More so with recently bereaved families.

I have had a response from the Head of Service who has assured me the area will be cut early next week as a priority. I was also informed this area was cut four-weeks ago. Though from looking at the length of grass, this has grown very quickly!

In days gone by, there was someone who maintained this area, but this hasn’t happen for over a decade – if not longer. Cornwall Council has assured me this area is cut three times a year. Yes, that might not be frequent enough and have asked for more cuts to take place, but I have also asked if Cornwall Council would allow community cuts to take place. This is where a group of volunteers help keep this area more tidy. This is not ideal, but might help solve some of the heartache families are feeling.

There was a group called Pride in Porthleven, but this was superseded by the Porthleven Environmental Group. I will be asking this group to see if they will be willing to take on this project.


  • Bev Plunkett

    Hi Andy

    I walk there twice a day with my dog (sometimes more) Yes it was cut a few weeks ago, however the ONLY area that was cut was the main walkways and NOT around the individual graves which is understandably the parts that people are not happy about and have made their views known.

  • Lily murphy

    I recently attended my dear cousin’s funeral in Porthleven and was amazed at the state of the graveyard & the surrounding area down to the beautiful church of St. Bartholomew, the grass was very overgrown and pathways are very uneven, l hope that the Mayor & his Town councillors will work towards cleaning this special grounds where our beloved families are resting.

  • Colin Francis Best

    A trust needs to be set up to help maintain this precious site .

  • Colin Francis Best

    Set a trust up this is the only way to go friends of the Graveyard .

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