Porthleven and Helston voter turnout for the EU Referendum

No matter which side you voted for on the EU Referendum, there was one winner – democracy. Over 33 million (72.2%) eligible voters took part in this Referendum. Some may not like the result, but a quote attributed to Churchill sums the democratic process up well – Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others.

So what was the turnout like in Porthleven and Helston?

Porthleven – 76.1% with 1577 people voting at the Public Hall

Two Polling Stations cover Helston West with 71% with 956 people voting at Culdrose Community Centre and  68% with 467 people voting at the Old Cattle Market

Two Polling Stations cover Helston North – 72% with 609 people voting at the Light and Life Chapel and 75% with 1514 people voting.

Two Polling Stations cover Helston South – 60% with 583 people voting at the Wesley Chapel and 66% with 675 people voting at the Wesley Chapel.

I am unable to give you the details of how people voted at this level, but I can for the whole of Cornwall – see below.

Good Paper Totals
  Remain Leave Spoilt Total
South East Cornwall 22,972 32,067 56 55,095
North Cornwall 21,669 31,848 32 53,549
St Austell 22,620 37,508 28 60,156
Camborne & Redruth 23,704 30,827 48 54,579
Truro & Falmouth 28,470 25,393 35 53,898
St Ives 21,105 25,022 38 46,165
 Total 140,540 182,665 237 323,442

With the local turnout and the result for the whole of Cornwall, these do not count the number of postal votes as although the polling station ballot boxes were verified by constituency, the postal votes, which came from all areas of Cornwall, were distributed evenly across all six parliamentary constituencies.  So this means that the Council cannot say exactly how individual constituencies voted.


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  • Gilly Zella Martin

    I think there should have been an option to vote neutral like there is on planning applications, maybe then even more people might have voted. I would have liked to have voted neutral as opposed to being forced to make a choice when I did not mind either option. I think there would have been advantages and disadvantages to both options.

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