Porthleven and Helston to be part of the mixed plastics recycling trial

I have long argued that if we want to seriously increase kerbside recycling – and indeed recycling per se – we need to take all types of plastics. With so many different plastics in day-to-day use, it is hard to know which one you can legitimately recycle, or has to be thrown into the black bag. Often this results in all plastic getting throw into either the black bag, or into the recycling. The latter costing more to sort, with the former heading to landfill.

I am pleased to say, Portfolio Holder for Waste, Cllr Joyce Duffin, supported by the Cabinet have agreed for a trial to take place that will allow certain areas to recycle all plastics. It is hoped from this, the recycling rate will increase for all recyclable items.

The good news is Porthleven and Helston have been included in this trial. These two towns are included with approximately 45,000 households that will take part in the trial.

The trial is for 12 months, but a report will come back to committee responsible for waste after 6 months of operation. At this point if the trial is deemed a success, plans will be put in place to roll out collection throughout Cornwall.

I really (really) welcome this, as I believe we should be doing more to recycle and send less to landfill. This is not only good for the environment, but makes financial sense, as the cost of landfill is becoming prohibited.

The trial is set to start in mid-November with all those involved in the trial will be getting notification through the letter box and Cornwall Council’s ‘Your area’ and the postcode checker.



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