Police Commissioner Elections and the Turnout

It is hardly going to surprise anyone, but the turnout for the Police Commissioner was low. Better than was expected after some Polling Stations had indicated less than 10% turnout.

So how did Cornwall do? Well including postal votes and those who turned up at the Polling Stations it was 15.2%. With 63,678 people voting out of a possible 418,656 electors.

Plymouth turnout was 13.03%; East Devon 16.35%; Exeter 15.44%; Mid Devon 16.18%; North Devon 15.20%. The Isle of Scily and South Hams’ turnout percentages are not yet available. So I cannot give a accurate turnout percentage for the Police Authority area.

It is though a low turnout, and just goes to show the way in which the Government implemented this process has left the principle of a Police Commissioner in taters.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how many spoilt ballot papers there were. As this could further lower the percentage of people actually voting for someone.


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