Please Return Your Electoral Registration Form

Cornwall Council is undertaking the annual canvas to make sure the electoral register is up-to-date. The new registrar will be published in October for use the following year. So far around 180,000 households have responded, leaving around 75,000 forms outstanding (around 30%). Official blurb from Cornwall Council.

Now reminders will be sent to all those household that have not completed the forms. This cost you and I as council tax payer’s more money. If the reminders are not actioned, then someone will come around and check, and do the form there and then. Again, at more expense. It is not hard to complete and you can even reply to the registration by text, like I have done. It took about 30 seconds to do! If texting is not for you, you can post it back, phone or registering online via a website.

So far, 71% of households in the Porthleven and Helston South Division have returned their forms; which is great as some areas have only 50%-60% return rate. Sadly, this still leaves 29%, or 639 households that will require a reminder. That is £319.50 on postage alone that didn’t have to be spent in one electoral division. Multiply that by 123 and it really starts to add-up.

So, please return those forms.

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