Planning: solve the noise issue by not opening the window!

At today’s Strategic Planning Committee there was an application for a major development in Bude. As with any development you have those for and against the application. As a member of that committee (or any other planning committee) you have to weigh-up the different arguments and come to a decision. This in itself is never that simple. However, in the report, there was a paragraph that really made me check it was not April 1st.

The paragraph in (page 16) question and relates to noise is:

 “In my opinion this will have a negative impact on the desirability of the proposal as a place to live. However, the noise assessment indicates that, provided thermal double glazing is installed where noise levels would otherwise be higher it will be possible to achieve acceptable internal noise levels. This gives rise to the problem of how to ventilate the premises without opening the windows, particularly at night-time when the recommended levels are lower”.

Yes, this person is saying the noise levels would be acceptable if the windows are double glazed and you could not open them!  It then goes on to say how you would overcome the issue of not being able to open a window.

“The report recommends the use of passive ventilation in line with the requirements of Part F of the Building Regulations. It is my understanding, however that the Building Regulations do not take account of situations where windows can’t be opened due to the external noise levels being high. I would therefore recommend that if you are minded to approve the revised proposal a condition is attached to secure the submission and implementation of a noise protection scheme”.

I would have thought it would have been far simpler to just to say building a house next to a noisy road is not a good idea and should not be encouraged/allowed. Not, you solve the noise problem by keeping your windows shut!


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