Planning Procedures!

There I was yesterday at the Planning Procedures Panel. The remit of this Panel is to get Procedures, Public Speaking, Enforcement Policies and other bits of the Planning Process right. Planning is one of the functions that the Public see first hand. Get the process wrong you can be sure as the sun raises and sets every day people will be sure to let you know.

I am never one to sit on the fence. You are not elected to sit on the fence, people elect you to do a good job for them. That means sometimes having a lot to say. Yesterday was one of those days.

Nothing annoys me more than when certain people try and make the Planning Process Political. It must never be Political, never. One member of this Panel came up with the ‘bright idea’ (i am being sarcastic) of allowing an adjourning elected Member to over rule another Member on planning call ins. Call ins is a rule where a Councillor has the power to bringing applications in his own Ward/Area to the Committee and not be dealt under delegated powers.

If this was allowed, the people could find that  another Councillor who they did not elect could use this for political point scoring. I am pleased to say that this was put to the vote and all but two people voted against it. See, there is some common sense at the Ivory Towers.

I am sure i will be quoted in the paper on some of the other points and issued raised. One was when the same person who brought up the previous bright idea that some Councillors don’t like making decisions on possible contentious issues. I think the word I used was they should ‘man up’ or find another vocation. This position does require you to make tough and hard choices. Who said being a Councillor was all teas and biscuits.

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