Planning for the Diamond Jubilee Party

A public meeting was held on Monday night organised by Porthleven Town Council for people to offer help and ideas for the forthcoming Porthleven Diamond Jubilee Party. The meeting was chaired by Cllr Sue Johns, Deputy Mayor of Porthleven.

The meeting was a success as those who attended offered many good ideas and then their time to make this event a success. The preferred day for this event will be on Tuesday 5th June. It was agreed the event will be run along the lines of a ‘picnic in the park’. Other ideas discussed and agreed in principle were:

• Large Screen with films of historical events in Porthleven
• Mugs for all primary school children who either reside in Porthleven or attend Porthleven School
• Market on the Harbour Head
• Sports events (tug of war, etc)
• Bouncy Castle
• Cake Competition
• Children’s Entertainment

Some of the groups/organisations in attendance were Porthleven Town Council, Unity Rd Residents, Porthleven School, Harbour and Dock Company, Porthleven Community Group (formerly Porthleven Residents Association) and members of the public.

The working group will be meeting in three weeks time to discuss further plans. Before the next meeting the group will be seeking sponsorship to help pay for the screen. This is because the group has only has a limited budget for this event.

If you want to help, drop me an email/phone call

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