Planning Application Submitted for the Shrubberies Hill Development

As of this week, the planning application for the land along Shrubberies Hill has been submitted to Cornwall Council. These are not ‘live’ as yet, as they need to verified before they can be accepted. All this means is checking all the right paperwork has been submitted. I would imagine this work will be completed early next week.

Once the verification has taken place, the plans start their journey through the planning system. These plans will be subject to consultation not just with the public, but also the various non and statutory agencies and organisations.

The Porthleven Town Council will also have chance to comment on the plans, and the public can make representations to the town council in addition to Cornwall Council. After the town council has had its say, the final decision will be made by Cornwall Council. This final decision will be carried out by the West Planning Committee.

The overview of these plans are:


The site layout


The location of the various dwelling type

This site in question is a mixed-use site of Local Needs and open market. The total number of dwellingson the site is 60 (52% local needs 48% open market). This is made up of:

  • 29 x open market
  • 4 x discounted sale
  • 9 x shared ownership
  • 18 x rental

These plans have and no doubt will continue to divide opinion in Porthleven. There are both pro and anti views to these plans. However, no matter which view you have, I would urge if not beg all and everyone in Porthleven to take the time and make comment on the plans. A simple email or if you prefer letter giving you views can be sent to both Cornwall Council and the town council. After all, this is your chance to have your say. Surely it is worth five minutes of your time to do this?


The proposed site

If anyone has any question please feel free to contact me, and I will be only too happy to help. But at the end of the day, please make your views known to the two councils. It really is one of the biggest decisions the people of Porthleven will have to make.

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