Planning Application for three timber shelters on ‘Harbour Head Terrace’

After the excitement of the Shipyard application being live and open for comment; brace yourself for another one. This time it is a re-submission of thee timber shelters and kiosks in the location of what is being named at Harbour Head Terrace.

The official planning application number is PA17/00847. The documents can be found HERE.

The plan for Harbour Head Terrace

In the Design, Access and Heritage statement it says:

“At the centre of the proposals is the desire to enhance the communal enjoyment of the Harbour Head, the harbour itself, and the popular views of the harbour and notable buildings. The proposals offer an appropriate and sustainable use of the Harbour Head Terrace for the long-term benefit of the local community and wider area. The Heritage Impact Assessment produced for the purposes of the application outline the conservation principles which are to:

  • Improve views of the inner and outer harbour by providing an appropriate public space;
  • Enhance the communal and aesthetic heritage value of the Harbour Head; • Bring sustainable new uses to the existing Harbour Head.
  • Enhance the Harbour Character Area identified within the Conservation Area.”

It goes on to say:

“Alongside this, there are clear objectives regarding benefits to the local economy which are to:

  • Promote permeability, activity in the local and wider area;
  • Promote local arts, crafts and trades to exhibit and trade in the local area;
  • Support local events, markets, concerts, and festivals;
  • Promote regeneration in the local and wider area.”

All the document information can be read HERE. You can also make comment online, or like the Shipyard application at one of the applicants consultation events, If you cannot make either of those events, you can officially comment to Cornwall Council and/or Porthleven TC.

The proposed design of the sheds


  • Gilly Zella Martin

    I support the concept of them as long as they do not transpire to be smoking shelters to the exclusion of others.

  • Ruby C R

    Think they’re a great idea, give a little shelter all year round, from rain in the winter and from sunstroke in the summer!

  • M Roberts

    I wonder if people are given the impression that these so called sheds will be free to use,I some how get the impression that if they don’t take off the land will have already been given planning permission so no doubt in about a years time yes you guessed there will be a new build in there place with wonderful outstanding beautiful views,I could be so wrong but some how I bet this thought is already running in someone’s brain.done deal I expect.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    My understanding is open shelters, of which only one will incorporate a kiosk, will be sited on the pathway terrace that currently has seats and is directly adjacent to the water. There is no scope to build private dwellings there!
    I support the concept of the shelters, I think they are a good idea, but would like to see no smoking notices on them. The kiosk would provide an employment opportunity for sales.

  • Jenny Pearce

    Awesome idea, no longer will I have to sit with pasty in one hand and unbrella in the other.

  • Jenny Pearce

    Whoops, umbrella

  • Laura

    I wonder what has happened to the flags that occupy the harbour head currently?

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    I would imagine the flags are removed each winter for which to preserve the condition of them during adverse weather conditions, as they seem to disappear each winter and reappear later each year.
    I do hope no additional flags are added to any new proposed building!

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