Planning application for Shipyard building is now live


The planning application for the new building located in what is commonly known as the Shipyard is now live after it has been validated and has an official planning reference number. I am sure this application will be of interest to those near and far; as it is quite a fundamental change to what is currently located in the Shipyard.

The planning reference number is PA17/00573 and all the detail on the application can be found HERE.

There has been a pre-application on this proposal and Cornwall Council gave advice and whilst “there is support in principle from a planning perspective for development within this area of the Shipyard”. However, the Council’s advice raised a number of issues that needed to addressed

  • There is potential conflict in views from the harbour towards the town between the building proposed and the Grade II* Methodist Chapel.
  • The loss of the historic wall to the West of the site to facilitate access by service and good vehicles has potential to result in the loss of significant element of historic fabric”
  • The site lies within Flood Zone 3” The proposed finish floor level of the ground floor is raised to 7.00m which is similar to the adjacent building to the west.

In the Design, Access and Heritage Statement (Click HERE), it says these concerns have been addressed.

My advice would be for everyone to read the planning documents, attend the public consultation arranged by the applicant, and take part in the official public consultation (which is live now) making your views know to both Cornwall Council and Porthleven Town Council.

The building elevations

Layout of the Shipyard Building


  • Gilly Zella Martin

    “External flags to balcony” re docs.

    Please tell me this means flagstones and not flags as in harbour head type flags?

  • M Roberts

    Our historical harbour I presume will not have any morings if this build goes ahead as there won’t be any boats in the harbour for People to come and see,also what about our fishing fleet that relies on their livelihoods. Our wonderful Church which is grade 11 listed will also lose a wonderful view. I’m sure the historical group will come out fighting .we are placed on the map as a place of historical interest. Yes you got it our harbour and boats is what people come to porthleven for also our wonderful local cafe’s that are in keeping with this beautiful place.I shall be going to all of these meetings and will make my views known.I do hope money will not sway the council in making the right decision for porthleven.

  • P Bradbury

    It will spoil Porthleven to modern

  • Kirsty

    looking forward to this

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  • Mandy

    I think this will a great addition to Porthleven. There are so many businesses who want to grow and stay in Porthleven, and can’t find the space. The current site is an eyesore and this will be a huge improvement. Plus new public loos are part of the plan!

  • Ruby C R

    I think it’s a great idea, although I wouldn’t want to see flags on it, there’s enough flags in the port already. Quite intriguing that people complain but no one has bothered to registered their disapproval yet with Cornwall Council.

  • Jenny Pearce

    I think it’d be an awesome addition to Porthleven. Perhaps they should think about putting a telescope in the cafe.

  • Maum

    I think it’s a good idea overall and hope it gets permission, but think the blue stands out a bit and looks out of keeping, better than white though I suppose as that tends to discolour quickly.

  • Rod Barnes

    Is this just a smoke screen for a future hotel to be developed in a couple of years with an application for change of use being made.

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