Planned increase to car parking charging delayed for further discussion

parking signThe planned increases to charging in Cornwall Council car parks will not go ahead as planned.  In understanding the concern, the Leader has said in a letter to various members that:

“we recognise that the time-frame given to the Parking Service and town representatives between the approval of the budget in November and the deadline for the new Order at the end of January allowed little time for dialogue”. 

The Leader followed on by saying

we have therefore agreed to delay the implementation of the proposed schedule to allow further discussion to take place” (abridged version).

This is good news, and I thank the Leader for stepping in and trying to find a way forward. However, it is not clear how long this period of discussion will be. Myself and Porthleven Town Council wrote and highlighted how harmful the increased could be locally, especially the introduction of the after 4pm charging. In this period of ‘discussion’ I will again raise the issue.

However, what surprised me is car parking charges is such an emotive issue, few took the time to actually officially complain about it. As from the consultation, there were only 17 (me being one of them) individual responses from Cornwall Councillors, 15 from town and parish councils (Porthleven TC included), six from business groups, and 78 from the public. Though, credit to the 47 Councillor who signed a letter to the Leader and CEO expressing their concerns on the proposed charges.

My previous blog on the proposals can be found HERE


  • Gilly Zella Martin

    I personally filled in the online consultation and I emailed Councillor Bert Biscoe (numerously) objecting to the proposals. However, in fairness to some members of the public that may have like to have objected, I believe those responsible for the proposals did not make it easy for the public to object, many people said where and how to object online or respond to the consultation was not very clear at all, and they thought there was very little media coverage intially.

  • Andrew the real reason that this did not go through was it did not meet the constitution. It effected more than two divisions and had a income of more than £500k. I challenged this through legal services and they agreed, can send you the email. The members letter to the CE and leader highlighted the lack of consultation with Town and parish councils. The discussions will be difficult for the council as these proposals hit towns hard and damage the nighttime economy

  • Andrew Wallis

    Thanks Armand. Please do.

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