PIP (Pride in Porthleven) is Launched

After the success of the harbour clean (1 Tonne of rubbish collected) in some pretty poor weather, and the discussions after; I am pleased to announce the formation of Pride in Porthleven, or PIP.

The plan for PIP is to meet once a month for a few hours and help clean up an area. It could be a litter pick or another small job, but the aim of the group is to make Porthleven look better for everyone. We can all sit back, moan and wait for the council to do the work, but that never solves the problem.

I hope PIP will be a success, but it will only work if people give their time to this community group. The first meeting/event will take place on Saturday 6th August at 11 am; meeting at the harbour head. The plan is to do a litter pick around the harbour before Life Boat Day (Sunday).

To find out more or to take part the contact details are:

Andrew Wallis – Tel: 07530243928, email: awallis@cornwall.gov.uk

Damelza Storbeck – email: demelza.storbeck@porthlevenholidaycottages.co.uk


  • Gill Martin

    I think it is a good intiative. It is like in Mullion, many people get involved in various things to benefit the local community. Like you say, you cannot sit back and expect the council to do everything, it is just not feasible. Besides it is nice if a community takes a pride in their own area and clean up/raise funds/improve areas etc.

  • Anonymous

    So what do the first two sites to be cleaned(harbour,and around harbour) have in common?Thats right they are both privately owned by the company Damelza works for,no wonder they are so keen on getting it cleaned for nothing…

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    It is nothing to do with the harbour being owned by someone. Lots of people benefit from the harbour, and it is the centre piece of Porthleven.

    Other places are planned, but as this is the first PIP event I thought it would be best to start here. Also, as Lifeboat Day is on the following day it would be good to make sure it looks tidy for all the visitors.

    Please feel free to suggest other areas, and hopefully you can turn up to help.

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