Phone Calls and Missed Waste Collections

We are entering the third week of waste collections under the new contract. It has been not the easy transition residents, or Cornwall Council would have wished for. But with such a huge change to over 240,000 households, I guess there was always going to be problems.

Some of these problems are large, with some areas not having their waste collected for 12 plus days. Other areas have had only slight, isolated problems, which have been sorted quickly. Porthleven after two weeks under the new system seems to be on the lower end of the scale of problem after the slightly chaotic start. Which is good.

For Cornwall Council, it has been a very busy time, especially if you work in the call centre, or have anything to do with waste. Let’s take a moment to say thank you to those who have tried to answer your complaints, calls and e-mails. Yes, sometimes you might have been waiting for a long time to get though, but that is because of the number of people trying to contact the council.

The council between 10th and 16th April has received just over 18,000 calls. These is a mixture of inquires on collection days, garden waste subscription and complaints. That is a lot of calls to answer and deal with. These calls with be on top of the non-waste related calls the council receives each day.

During the same period, the council has said Cory has carried out 470,000 collections of rubbish, recycling, garden waste and clinical waste. The council has also received 7,266 reports of missed collections. However, I believe this figure is higher due to people not ringing up because of the long wait for a call to be answered, and people just keeping the waste for the next collection.

Even though the number of missed collections is 1.55% of collections carried out, many Cornwall Councillors are demanding answers to know why things have gone wrong across Cornwall. In response, the Portfolio Holder has organised a briefing for this Friday for Councillors to ask questions, and I hope answer given. I expect this meeting will be rather well attended.



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