Petition on Stopping Shared Services is Officially Handed Over

Well it is official, the petition to stop Shared Services going ahead has been officially handed over to Cornwall Council for verification. Once this has been verified, a response will be given to the petitioners on the next course of action. It has been indicated that the petition will be debated on the 23rd October. Which I very much welcome; more so because of the Leaders announcement this morning of he will respect the view of the Council.

The total number of signatures is 5871. This is made up of 1701 paper signatures and 4170 ePetition signatures (as of 1pm today). The sheer number of signatures in such a short space of time (just over 21 days) is amazing. This is because the public really got behind the petition.

I have said before that so many people helped to achieve the target and surpass that magic number of 5000 signatures. It is to those people, both Councillors and the public I would like to say thank you. Special thanks must go to the original motion supporters of Andrew Long (MK), Jude Robinson (Labour) Graham Walker (Indi) and Geoff Brown (LD) who have helped make this petition such a success.

It was great to see so many of the public take the mantle of collecting signatures. One couple who should be congratulated is Bob and Sally Turner. Their endeavours of collecting 1000 signatures is remarkable. There are others too, but they know who they are and they should be proud of their work in getting signatures.

I have to say thank you to the various Unions who helped get the message out. Unison has really pulled out the stops to help highlight this issue.

The whole petition was a team effort, and should be remembered that way.


The Councillors behind the petition officially handing it over to the Monitoring Officer: Geoff Brown, Me, Richard Williams – Monitoring Officer, Andrew Long, Jude Robinson, Graham Walker


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