Peoples Millions – The Results

After much work by everyone to win the 50k from the Peoples Millions it was result time. This was meant to be live at 6pm, but due to the weather ITV decided to bring this forward and do a recording. I received a call from Charlotte and hour or so before telling me of the change. Charlotte had to rang around to everyone involved to make their way to the One Stop Shop for 2:30pm.

We all gathered to await the decision. We got told that we had not won. Everyone’s heart sank. It was devastating to hear. As everyone looked at each other to try and fathom the crushing defeat, and consequences of this, there was a BUT from the reporter.

Everyone looked up,  the ITV reporter said “You have though, won the runner up prize of the highest number of votes out of all the runners up”. Everyone looked up. The reporter then went on to say “and that is also £50,000”! Those gathered let out a massive roar of cheering and shouting, followed by everyone jumping around and shouting we have the money.

Even though we did not win outright, we still have the money to go ahead with the plan for the Youth Cafe. In fact the two entries from Cornwall will both receive £50k. To be honest, that is a better result than just one of the entries winning. It is hoped to get the Cafe up and running by the end of February as a lot of the planning is in place. It just needed the money.


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