Penzance Harbour – Update

The Government Office has approved Listed Building Consent for the re-development of South Pier, Penzance Harbour. This is also known as Option A

This news was made public about an hour ago. Depending on your view point this is either great news, or not.

I am sure the various sides will be meeting to either pop some corks, or discuss their next step in this long running and bitter process. Of course, there is still the massive hurdle of funding the project. This project is included in the Governments massive spending review. That review will not be completed until mid October; when it will publish who has been lucky, and who will need to kick their projects into the long grass.

One comment

  • Dick Cliffe

    Many people contributed to the campaign supporting this project, hundreds of local people wrote letters of support and thousands signed petitions and supported the Facebook campaign. We are grateful to Andrew Wallis and other councillors on the Strategic Planning Committee for supporting this vital project when it was represented to the Committee on 8 Mar 10 for a second time.

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