Pedestrian Refuge – Boating Lake, Porthleven Road

It has been quite a few months since I last posted on this subject; mainly because I had been working behind the scenes with Highway Engineers to come up with a plan that works, and more importantly, have the money to pay for it. I am happy to now announce that I do have a scheme, and the money to pay for it from my Members Highway Grant.

As anyone who knows this area the crossing is going to be situated between a large free car park and Coronation Park which includes the well used Skate Park, Children’s Playpark and Boating Lake. I had hoped that this was going to be a full pedestrian crossing with either lights, or beacons, but due to the location of the crossing it would have just been unaffordable due to the utilities that would be required. In the end I opted for a refuge type crossing, rather then bin the whole idea. I feel some sort of crossing is better than what is currently there, which is nothing.

Below are the drawings of what is planned. The date for all this work to start is mid January and it is hoped to be completed within a few weeks after that. Of course, this date could slip right, but I am hoping the weather will be kind enough for this to take place in January.

Proposed Scheme:

Scheme with road markings:


  • Anonymous

    I cross in that area regularly and feel that this is a complete waste of money. You can see a long way in either direction and there is plenty of time to cross if the road is clear.

  • Jules

    I think this is a great idea! Anything that draws motorists' attention to pedestrians there can only help at what is quite a wide and fast crossing.

  • Anonymous

    defo needed its very dangerous to cross there with children. and so much for being able to see for a long way in either direction ive seen 2 cars crash into each other there so anything that slows the cars down will be worth it.imagine saying its a waste of money if it saves a childs life.

  • Anonymous

    Have never seen or heard of any accidents on this part of the road,any pedestrian can see very clearly all approaching traffic,a total and utter waste of money,

  • Anonymous

    Well done Wallis much needed on that bit of road

  • Anonymous

    Well done Andy. This crossing was a priority of PACT several times, but we were always told that no money was available, it's great that you've got some progress on this. Please ignore the idiots who say that it's not necessary. When a young Mum is trying to get a family across the road in the face of accelerating or rapidly braking vehicles, the refuge becomes essential.

  • Anonymous

    Idiots!! Sorry was not aware that people are not allowed to express their views without being insulted.

    Perhaps if we stopped wasting money on unessentials like this then there might be some money for some of those drugs that might save your childs life or prolong your parents.

    You just need to stand at the bottom of that road and see how many cars come screaming in any direction to see how unessential this is. Or alternatively if a car is accelerating towards you quickly, or rapidly braking – then dont cross until it has gone!!! Patience is a virtue and a bit of commons sense could save a lot of money that can be spent on things we really need. Just remind me – how many accidents have their been there?

    There is only so much money in the pot – use it on this and it isn't available for something else.

  • Jonathan

    Glad to see officers treating a member as somebody with valuable knowledge and experience who can partipate in working out solutions. My former council had a culture that members were inconvenient legal neccessities who couldn't possible have any competancies on anything and should be ignored and worked around. sums it up.

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