Paying for the Police

As you know in part of the Council Tax bill we pay for the Police. This is not a small figure. Cornwall and Devon have a joint Police Force; so the money collected from both areas is pooled to run the service as one.

The interesting part of this whole deal is the split on how the money is spent. Currently Devon gets 2/3 of the money to spend in that area, and Cornwall gets the rest. You could argue that Devon has more cities and slightly larger population/demographics than Cornwall, but does that justify this split?

Does than mean we are getting less per head spent on Policing than our neighbouring county? Maybe the split should be more even?

Anyway, let me know your views


  • Anonymous

    This is admittedly guesswork, but the skewing could be for a number of factors:

    Devon has more than twice the population of Cornwall / IOS (1,109,900 vs 534,300 – Wikipedia figures)

    Devon also has two fairly large cities with policing requirements specific to those areas

    The administrative and operational headquarters are (largely) based in Exeter. Besides anything else, the salary burden of the senior management team would skew things slightly in that direction (e.g. Chief Constable Stephen Otter around the £175,000 mark, and at least four others in the six-figure bracket according to this BBC article

  • Cornish

    Well its obviously unfair! I suspect thought that one of the reasons for the disparity in funding is due to the fact that the administrative buildings are in Devon and thus all the high paid staff.
    I never understand with centralisation why nothing ever comes out of Devon and into Cornwall.

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