Pasty Tax Cools Down

The Government has had a change of heart on the proposals for VAT on bakery products like pasties. This is to be welcomed as Cornwall would have been adversely affected for obvious reasons.

The campaign to highlight the issues and problems these proposals would cause was very good. In many areas it was cross-party and the local and national press helped to give this campaign a very high-profile. However, it is amusing as someone not aligned to any political party to now watch the various political parties claim they did more work than the other party. All three of the national parties are at it, with each blaming the other for not doing enough.

Lastly, I would just point out that changes to the VAT system were just proposals, and were subject to public consultation (21st march – 2nd May).  Thankfully the responses were listen to, and more importantly, acted upon. So not really a U-turn, but nevertheless welcomed.

So well done to ALL, as it just goes to show that working together actually gets results.


  • Gill Martin

    I don’t suppose the thought of losing thousands of votes from the West Country at the next election, had any bearing on the decision.

  • Martine Knight on Facebook

    According to what they said on the news this morning it’s actually scrapped it – just altered what it applies to – so if you want your pasty hot it’ll still be taxed??!!! Jesus, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel at the moment!

  • Pasties that are kept hot in a hotbox type of cabinet are already subject to VAT (I know as I had too when I had the shop)

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