Parking, The Poisoned Chalice

Parking, the Poisoned Chalice of a Panel. No matter what way you look at this issue or deal with it, it will certainly pee some people off.

We met under the cover of darkness (yes, a night time meeting for those who think we don’t have them) and I was ‘volunteered’ for the position of Chairman(more like Press Ganged). As one who has never avoided the sound of the shilling on the drum, I accepted the position.

We discussed and sorted out the role of this Panel, and then looked into the detail of our role. It looks like we are going to cover all aspects of parking within Cornwall.

Hopefully we will get it right, as getting it wrong would be tragic for those in Cornwall. If that happens I will find out that drinking from this Chalice would indeed be very bad for my health.


  • Anonymous

    We are collating the results of a Looe town traffic consultation onto an excel spreadsheet. About 1000 comments with the aim of producing a costed traffic management plan for Looe. I do hope the panel will consider our results. Edwina x

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Well, you may need to send in that information via the official channels.

  • Charlotte MacKenzie

    Who do we write to, where are the meetings, and are they open to the public?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    You need to write to Peter Moore or send it to me and i will pass on those concerns. The meeting is open to the Public. The next meeting for this Panel is on Tuesday 1st December at NCH.

  • Anonymous

    I know this won't really matter, but the way it's done here in the States is MUCH better than the UK.

    Local authorities get a cut of the sales tax that's charged in Maryland (think VAT). Therefore, its benificial for communities to have free or discounted parking for people shopping because it gets revenue for the local authority.

    The end result is that we have cheap or free parking.

    Think of the situation in Helston – free parking at Tesco and if you wander into the town to support local businesses, you gotta pay and if you screw up and pay for too little time, it costs you dearly. No wonder there are so many closed shops in Helston.


  • Charlotte MacKenzie

    Thanks Andrew, that's what I was hoping for – a politician who hasn't lost the ordinary human response of answering questions.

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