Parking Recommendations Go Forward to Cabinet

At yesterday’s Parking Policy Advisory Panel there were a whole host of recommendations for the panel to approve before these decisions are presented to Cabinet. The report to the panel has a lot of information contained within it, especially for the tariffs. Before the meeting took place I accepted on behalf of Cornwall Council two Petitions. These were from St. Just and Penzance.

The St. Just Petition was in reference to the proposals from Penwith’s Community Network (CN) to charge £1 per day in Pendeen and St. Just. The other Petition was from Penzance who wanted to be treated the same as Camborne and Redruth charging Tariffs.

The good news for St. Just is the recommendation to charge for car parking will be deferred until the negotiations between Cornwall Council and St. Just Town Council have ended with either the town council taking over the running and costs of the two cars parks. If they are not transferred, then there will be a question on their future of remaining free.

For Penzance’s Petition they wanted to be treated the same as Camborne and Redruth, and they wanted to have the 50p for the first hour in their car parks. This request is hard to achieve because of the amount of revenue set by Cornwall Council’s Cabinet for Penzance’s car parks. The parking panel has no say in the amount set. However, the new tariffs approved yesterday are a hugely step in the right direction and will help Penzance.

For Camborne and Redruth the CN declined to meet me and my team to discuss tariffs. Yes, I could not understand why, so I sent the CN an email asking them to reconsider. Sadly, they did not change their minds, so we did not meet them.

In Truro, the basic tariff charges remain the same, but do have one big change. The charging period for Truro will be from 9am till 4pm. After this time their will be a flat rate of about £1. This was warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Truro as a result. The aim of this was to help with the economy in the early evening and night.

The real gem in the recommendations is the Low Paid Workers Permit. This will be £300 per year. As I have said before this works out as £5.70 per week, and will allow the holder to park for 365 days with no additional costs. Because Cornwall Council has to make sure only those who are entitled to them can have them, the council has to have some sort of check.

The best way to do this is with the minimum of administrative costs, and to keep the system simple you have to be in receipt of Working Tax Credits. Most low paid workers will get this is they have children, are disabled, or are over 25 (Government rules). There is the possibility of a small group of low paid workers who do not qualify for Working Tax Credits. The parking team is working on something that would include this group. It is hoped the solution can be found before the new charges are brought in 2012.

The other types of season tickets will remain at 100 days x daily charge. These permits can be used in four named car parks and will allow unlimited use for a year. Reserved spaces will remain at the current price.

For my local area Porthleven and Helston the basic changes to the existing tariffs are:

  • Up to 2 hours car parking £1
  • Porthleven Kitto’s Field £1 all day in the winter (31 Oct-14 March)
  • Castle Green car park £1.50 all day
The current charging periods will remain the same of 9am – 4pm where it will be free car parking after that. 
For full details click HERE for the panel report and agenda.
Lastly, I would like to thank all of the Cornwall Councillors and Community Network Managers who met with me and my team. Without their help none of these recommendations would have been possible. In every recommendation they had the broad agreement from all the Councillors who attended the meetings, even those from the Penzance area. 

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