Parking Recommendations – Fall at the Last Fence?

The recommendations by the Parking Advisory Panel were on the Agenda for today’s Cabinet meeting, but it has been pulled because of ‘new information’. I am very disappointed that this has happened because for the last year myself and the Panel have worked to produce a clear and fair policy for the whole of Cornwall. As I have said before, this is a complex and highly emotive subject, and depending on your viewpoint, it is either good, or bad.

These proposals will now come back to the Panel to take into account this ‘new information’. I know from speaking to many Members of the Panel that they are very unhappy with this sudden decision, as I and they feel that this information should have been flagged up long before, and not at the 11th hour.

This Friday’s meeting (14th) is likely to be lively, especially when this information is presented to the Panel.


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