Parking Panel – The Fat Lady is Gagged (for the time being)

The Parking Panel was ear-marked for the chop at today’s Cabinet meeting. As many will know there was some issue of how this came about, but I have covered it before, and feel there is no need to rake over it again.

During the discussion on this item a further recommendation was made by the Portfolio Holder, Graeme Hicks. This was the removal of the recommendation for the termination of the Parking Panel and a further review to be undertaken to investigate the best model and way forward on issues surrounding parking and the emotive issue of charging.

As the current Chairman of the Parking Panel I welcome this, and feel this is the right way forward. This is because at the end of the day the first priority is making sure any policy is right and it is achieved by the best means.

Of course, all the panels may still go and if it is the best way forward then you will get no argument from me. I do though feel that all the panels do work, as it not only gives greater member involvement, but also allows for more in-depth examination of certain key and emotive areas.

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