Parking Panel and Twittergate

Thursday started off with a bang. I made the front page on the Western Morning News over Twitter. I have blogged before that I use this medium to communicate. Sometime we have a bit of humour, but generally we use it to good measures. My only other point in this whole issue is surely there is more news worthy stories to cover than Twitter.

A more important role I had to day was as Chairman of the Parking Panel. Today’s major business was on the consultation of proposed Car Parking Charges and the changes to the fees. It’s never an easy task (blogged before) to even please people on this issue.

I have already said from the beginning that I want to make a Policy that’s as cheap and fair as possible. Not an easy task. The proposed increase was a blanket 5% increase to the nearest 10p. The debate was taken up in the morning with the work program for the next 14 or so months. This is going to looking into Parking from bottom.

The afternoon was the debate on the Consultation. It was a good debate with many points. The main points discussed and voted on Disable Parking, Fees and the discount card in two former Districts.

  1. What came out of it were those cars that are DVLA exempt Tax or mobility converted cars would be able to park for free in all Cornwall Council Car Parks. Those other Blue Badge holders would have to pay.
  2.  The parking discount schemes in the two former District was to be removed
  3.  Fees for the first hour parking will be fixed at the current levels and all other charges will rise by 5%

Now this might not please people, but I can assure you that my Panel will be looking at these issues again with the hope (sorry to repeat myself) to make it as cheap and free as possible in the future when i have been able to give this subject a full review.

These recommendations will be made to the Cabinet where they will decide if my recommendations are fully accepted.

For the record, I did not Tweet during this meeting. This was because I had the more important job of chairing this important meeting.

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