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I have blogged about enforcement and parking in Porthleven before. It’s a problem for a few reasons. One of the main problems is that people just park where they like, no matter what restrictions are in place. Another is the lack of enforcement to deal with the first point. Add Porthleven has been around before the motorcar and that a lot of households have more than two cars. All these issues added up together make for a rather large problem. 
I could list all the problem areas in Porthleven, but it would be easier to just say most streets have some sort of issue. The question is how to solve these problems. It’s something that I have been thinking about for a long time.  Every idea has its merits and problems. Many people who I speak too, or have contacted me have there own ideas how it could be solved. I feel that first step is to look at the enforcement side of the issue.
Cornwall Council is responsible for most on and off parking infringements. The Police are also still responsible for certain parts too, but seem reluctant to do anything. Porthleven like many other towns in Cornwall gets allocated certain hours for Civil Enforcement. Sadly they can’t be here all day. People know this and they know that they stand little chance of being caught. I believe that something should be done about this.
One of the ideas I have come up with and will be presenting to Porthleven Town Council in October for their views is to buy in extra enforcement. This is possible by means of purchasing hours for an enforcement officer. It would be like having our own enforcement officer without the extra hassle of employment, litigation and support. We (as in Porthleven Town Council) could pay for this by means of the precept for Porthleven. 
Before everyone jumps up and says “I pay enough tax already” look at how much this will cost you, the residents of Porthleven if we adopted this scheme. I will use the example of buying in 25 extra hours of enforcement per week.
25 hours X £14 (Officer Rate per hour) X 52 weeks = £18,200 per year.  There are 1703 houses in Porthleven that are on the electoral role. So, if you do the simple sum of dividing the yearly cost by the number of houses in Porthleven it will cost £10.68 per house to have almost dedicated enforcement in Porthleven. That works out at 20 pence per week per house. When you break it down its not expensive and would solve a lot of the problems with parking in Porthleven, especially in the known trouble spots.
Of course there are going to be some drawbacks. Namely, people who infringe will get tickets. I have found in the past people who have complained to me about parking who I then see doing the same as they have complained about. I also don’t like paying extra, but sometimes it will be worth it to achieve something.
I will be presenting all this information to Porthleven Town Council to see if they are willing to accept and adopt this course of action, as they are the ones who set the Precept each year. From my memory they have not raised the Precept for the last 3 years. Below is a simple poll asking if you would in principle support this action or not. I will then use this information as part of my report to Porthleven Town Council.

Here is the poll. Closing date is the 10th October 2010


  • Anonymous

    The trouble nowadays is that most households have more than 1 car and Porthleven's narrow roads were never designed for this.
    In addition to this people often park irresponsibly with little thought for other drivers and pedestrians.

    A little common sense would go a long way whilst this complex issue is dealt with.

    In the meantime I agree that the Civil Enforcement idea would help alleviate the problem and would like to see it brought in.

  • Anonymous

    Voted no.

    A few reasons:

    * I have just watched one of our PCSO's walk into teh post office while a vehicle was parked outside on the double yellows (driver was just getting in) without saying anything. Perhaps more efficient use of the resources we do have is a btter first point of call

    * £10 per household may not seem much to some people but to other it is a lot

    * Some houses have 3/4 cars and no dedicated parking, some households have the same but have off road parking and some have no cars at all

    * Is this the sart of a slippery slope (no pun – see later), another £5 a household for a full time dog warden to clear up the dog mess (another problem area), £15 a household for some late night enforcement to stop kids skateboarding noisily down fore street at midnight…..

    * is it really that much of a problem, it causes some congestion in fore street on the odd occasion but I have rarely been stuck for more than a few seconds – you get that everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    if i lived in porthleven i would definitely vote yes.

    i work in the village and i think its pure luck that no-one has been killed or seriously hurt at the bottom of fore street where shute lane, commercial road and fore street join (nightmare junction).

    now, about the dog warden –

  • Anonymous

    OK how bad is it really, or rather how many double yellows are there – I expect a full time enforcement officer would be very under employed. As would a full time dog warden.

    Porthleven is in the awkward position of not being big enough to justify either – we have three pcso's (I think) and they seem to be out and about regularly, lets make sure they start earning their money before we throw more money at something that is merely an irritation.

    Oh and the fore street shute lane junction will not really be helped by enforcement – its just a bad typical Cornish corner.

    There are better things to spend our money on – and we should be making cuts while the economy is in the shit.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    One PCSO and they cannot issue parking tickets, nor enforcement.

  • Anonymous

    Bin the pcso and use the money for a combined dogwarden/parking enforcer

  • Anonymous

    Just read this in the west Britain. Total waste of money. While there are parking problems in Porth most of them are caused by lack of parking in the side streets pareticularly around the harbour (where the Cllr lives) rather than illegal parking. An enforcement officer can't deal with a shortage of parking or inconsiderate parking, just illegal parking.

    Fore Street is probably the only real issue and a lot of the problems here are caused by wide delivery vehicles (nothing we can do about that) and the inconsiderate parking on the double yellows by the post office and outside Boots.

    This is not worth £18K a year to sort out and dressing it up as 20p per week/house does not make it any less that £18K.

    btw is this the salary of the enforcer? i.e. does it hide the additional cost of employing him/her (uniform, training, insurance, NI….)

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