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Charging for parking in a car park is never popular; everyone has a view on how to do it. As the current Chairman of the Parking Advisory Panel I go to great lengths to make sure what ever proposals that come forward are the best we can possibly do, within the brief the panel is given.
Yes, I do think too much money is demanded from car parking, but that decision on how much should be raised is not within my powers. All the panel can do is making sure we do the best in our recommendations within that brief. Currently the panel is working on the charging structure for the 2011-12 periods.
Before we come up with any proposals I am keen to have as much input from my fellow Cornwall Councils before I consult town and parish councils and the public. In the past I have sent letters/emails and a questionnaire to Cornwall Councillors asking for their views. Sadly with the questionnaire only half of the 123 Councillors replied. I cannot make them return it, but I have looked at another option to get their views.
That option is to actually go to my fellow Councillors, and I am doing this via the Community Networks (CN). So far, I have visited the CN of Hayle and St Ives, St Austell, Saltash and Torpoint, Bodmin, and Newquay. The other Networks are booked in over the next 6 weeks. I have not gone alone, but taken parking officers and my vice-chair to make sure all the right information is supplied to CN’s.
I have to say from the places I have visited they have been really worth it. There has been good debate and solutions have been found to various concerns. So far, solutions and ways forward have been found to the general satisfaction of those present. I am confident that everything these Councillors have asked for can be included in the final recommendations from the panel to Cabinet.  
There is still a long way to go, but I think this process will really work. At the end of the day these ideas have come from Councillors who know their areas best. Some call it localism, I call it common-sense 

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    If the council are looking to replace all the ticket machines why don't they specify smart card readers so people can purchase a card and receive perks, such as buy an hour get an hour free, free parking at certain times. But with a smart card the perks can be restricted to say once a day/week. It works well in areas like Maidenhead, shops even offer holders of the cards discount. If the readers were specified on purchase of the machines the cost would be significantly lower than if they were recruited.

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