Out with the Police

Last night I had the privilege of being allowed to go out on patrol with the Police. Its called an Insight Patrol and its meant for us in Politics to see what the Police do in the real word and not what you see endlessly on TV.

An Officer (His name is Derick) was assigned to me for the evening and took me out on patrol. To be honest I was not there to see some Sweeney type ‘Cops and Robbers’ car chase or sliding over the bonnet in a Boyle style manoeuvre. I wanted to see what the real Police job was. You know, the day to day stuff.

I was not disappointed in what I was shown. It was real Police stuff. Some of it Crime Prevention in talking to those who had previous (like we know who you are, so don’t try it), Patrolling, talking to the Youth, visiting the ‘Boy Racers (and girl ones as well)and just being there as a presence.

We are quick to knock the Police, especially when we have been a victim of crime, but they really do care and want to help. I am more than happy to say that I felt proud to be out and about with the Officers from Helston as they showed a huge dedication to the job. They have a tough job to do, often thankless, but they still are able to keep their sense of humour even when the powers-to-be try and cut budgets and resources.

Thank you again

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