Our Looked after Children Celebrate Success

This week saw the celebration event for our Looked after Children at Falmouth University. The event is designed for the Council who as Corporate Parents, celebrate the academic success of our Looked after Children. Or a more commonly known name is children in care. Before I continue I should say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the event and those often unsung heroes who support those young people every single day.

I was very proud to be asked to present the achievement certificates to the young people. It was wonderful to see the achievements of these young people who with their guardians and Council’s support, are able to get an education which will lead on to greater things. It was also wonderful to see a few of the young people who I have personally met and have found it difficult to come to terms with their emotions and circumstances, are now full engaged and doing really well.

Our Looked after Children deserve the best chance we as a Council can give. This is not only my responsibility as Lead Member for Children and Young People, but all Cornwall Councillors and staff who are their Corporate Parents.

A simple line on our responsibility as Corporate Parents is: Not only cared for, but cared about

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